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Lisa Michalides

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Hello from My Perfumes!

I have been experiencing a huge growth in sales and I feel obligated to thank Perfume Affiliate for my great online success! Business is great and I feel almost guilty because this passive income continues to surpass my other business ventures which require much more effort on my part. I had no idea what an Affiliate Program even was when I found you on the internet, but Perfume Affiliates took me under their wing so to speak, offering me the chance to become a leader in online sales. I am so proud of the company you have helped me build. It is a great feeling to be successful and not have to worry about bills and expenses. Not only does the business cover its own expanses, I live comfortably on the profits of your Affiliate Program. This means that your company has literally made my dream come true.

I have always loved perfumes, cosmetics and accessories, knowing someday I wanted to have a store of my own. The huge overhead and risks of a brick and mortar business caused me to turn to the internet. There are so many millions of online businesses, I was worried that my little shop, My Perfumes, would never get off of the ground floor but I had to try. This was my hopes and dreams. When I signed up with Perfume Affiliates, my success story began.

When I signed up with your company, I was treated with kindness as your customer support walked me through the set up and beginning stages. The marketing and statistics information you provided me helped to understand how my business works and the things I could do to increase the likelihood of my success. I followed your advice and watched as my small business began to grow. I used the banners and advertising you provided and I invested in web content and articles about the products your company carried to increase my traffic and Perfume Affiliates did the rest.

Once a customer places an order with your company, they are hooked on the great prices and awesome products. I have seen growth every month since we became partners and have never received a complaint from the customers who have ordered your products. In fact, they return again and again and their orders grow larger and larger with each purchase as their faith in my company and your products increases.

All in all, I am thrilled to be doing business with your company and plan to be with you for many more profitable years to come. I look forward to more growth and even bigger profit margins because I see the service you provide to my company and to my customers. I am thrilled to watch Perfume Affiliates grow too! I see new products arriving almost daily and that is truly wonderful. This allows me to offer every product that is being offered elsewhere.

This is my way of saying thank you for the great opportunity and the chance for my dream to become a reality. I am so impressed with Perfume Affiliates and would bet that there is not another company quite like yours – I was so lucky to find your company when I was first starting out.

With my sincere thanks,

Lisa Michalides
Affiliate Manager


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