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Mary Johnson

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Greetings from Perfume Stores!

I wanted to take some time to thank Perfume Affiliate for the exceptional service that you provide for my company. We have seen a lot of growth and gained many loyal customers since I first signed up with your company. Knowing that the right affiliate program was detrimental to the success of my business, I was very concerned about my choice and hopeful I had made the right one. As the days progressed and business kept pouring in, I began to relax and enjoy watching the profits push my company out of the red and into the black. Now after 7 years of working together as a team, those early days of nervousness and fear have been replaced with confidence and assurance because Perfume Affiliates always delivers quality authentic name brand merchandise in a timely manner. If there has ever been a problem, it was quickly settled because I have never lost a customer.

I have found that one of the reasons shoppers are leery of online purchases is because many companies never deliver the product. They might assure the customer that the product has been sent, but sadly the package never arrives. These companies harm their own business, as well as other online businesses such as mine that are reputable and strive to give 100% customer service. This was a major concern when I first began working with Perfume Affiliate and I am so glad those fears were completely unsubstantiated. Your company has consistently delivered every product my customers have paid for, and this is one key element to my great success.

Another huge concern I had when I first signed up with Perfume Affiliate is the worry that my customers might not receive authentic name brand products for their money. There are many companies claiming to offer authentic brands but delivering imitations, and this leads to very unhappy customers. Again, I have never had one single complaint about your products. Perfume Affiliates offers only the best and for that I am thankful.

Perfume Affiliate is a leader in the industry and offers the absolute best prices for my customers, which offers another key element of Perfume Stores success. Being able to offer authentic products at these low prices has built a loyal customer base that continues to help my company thrive. Occasionally, I like to peruse the retail markets to keep abreast of the brands I carry and their retail prices. I will admit I am quite proud to see the huge difference in prices that my business carries thanks to Perfume Affiliate. There is no reason for my business not to grow and expand for many more years to come with your company acting as my supplier.

Finally, I would like to commend Perfume Affiliate for the great customer support they continue to give myself and my company. When I first signed up for the Affiliate Program, I received an abundance of help and all of my questions were answered thoroughly in a timely manner. I was concerned that this level of help would not continue but every time I have had a problem, your company’s customer support is polite and helpful, telling me there is no such thing as a stupid question. I can call anytime and am always greeted with pleasantries and a valid answer to my questions.

I must commend Perfume Affiliate and say thank you for the growth of my business, which has grown from a small business expense to my comfortable livelihood. Your service is unmatched and you are certainly a leader in this market; I am so glad I chose you for my supplier.

Mary Johnson
Sales Manager

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